Sebastian Schutyser
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Mali portraits
Banco, adobe mosques
Flowers of the moon

Solo exhibitions:

Royal Africa Museum, Tervuren (Belgium, 2000)
Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris (France, 2002)
Deutsches Architektur Museum, Frankfurt (Germany, 2003)
Belfry of Bruges (Belgium, 2003)
Rencontres de la photographie africaine de Bamako (Mali, 2003)
Great Mosque of Djenné (Mali, 2003-2004)
Fondazione Mudima, Milan (Italy, 2004)
BOZAR, Brussels (Belgium, 2004-2005)
European Parliament, Brussels (Belgium, 2005)
Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp (Belgium, 2005)
Gimhae Clayarch Museum (Korea, 2007)
FotoMuseum Antwerpen (Belgium, 2007)

Terra 2008, Bamako (Mali, 2008)

CC Hasselt (Belgium, 2009)

Gallery SUN Contemporary, Seoul (Korea, 2010)


Group exhibitions:
Galerie De Lege Ruimte, Gent (Belgium, 1998)
Musée de la Photographie (Belgium, 1998 & 2000)
Noorderlicht Photo Festival (The Netherlands, 2000)
Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp (Belgium, 2003)
Mediapark Köln (Germany 2004-2005)
FotoMuseum Antwerp (Belgium, 2005)
Espace EDF Electra, Paris (France, 2006)
CBK Arnhem (The Netherlands, 2008)
Gante-Yuste, various locations in Extremadura (Spain, 2008-2009)

Korea International Art Fair, Seoul (Korea 2010)

Rencontres de la photographie africaine de Bamako,

Pavillon du Aga Khan Trust for Culture (Mali, 2011)

The Flemish Sensibility, Flanders House New York (USA, 2012)



‘Banco, Adobe Mosques of the Inner Niger Delta’
2003, 5 Continents Editions.
‘Flowers of the Moon, Afroalpine vegetation of the Rwenzori Mountains’ 2007, 5 Continents Editions.


Commissioned works:

Van Dyck 1999 (Antwerpen Open)

Blauw (Documentaire Foto-opdrachten Vlaanderen 2002)

Bruges (Mercatorfonds 2002)

Caceres ((Mercatorfonds 2004)

Gante-Yuste (Fundacion Yuste 2007)

The Aga Khan Music Initiative in Central Asia (2005-2010)